4th of July Weekend Hours: Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

At Creaser Jewelers...

What you'll find in our showroom is nothing less than a beautiful, multi-colored collection of only the best gold and sterling gemstone jewelry. You won't find lightweight, low-karat settings. You won't find synthetic or commercial quality gems. What we sell is the good stuff: gallery quality, well-crafted, wonderfully designed pieces of precious metal set with select gemstones. And we can't wait to show them to you!

Fine Jewelry

Too often, we see substandard gemstones carelessly thrown into any old mounting and called "fine jewelry". We at Creaser Jewelers believe that "Fine" means more than that. To us, "fine" means that someone has taken the time and effort to select one beautiful gemstone from hundreds or thousands and match it with a setting or design that is perfectly complimentary. And that is exactly what we do here. We will even alter the design of the setting and recut the gemstone if necessary. It is our intention to present you with a superior piece of jewelry that will provide many carefree years of enjoyment.

Maine Gemstones

We at Creaser Jewelers have a special passion for Native Gemstones. We have been an intimate part of the Maine gem mining scene for almost two decades. In 1993, we were directly involved with the famous "4th of July" Amethyst pocket on Deer Hill in Stow, Maine. This historic find was one of the most important Maine gemstone events in modern history and resulted in an unequaled selection of velvety Maine Amethysts in all shades of purple which is available to you from our extensive collection. We have also been involved in gem mining operations producing Aquamarine from Stoneham and Topsham, Multicolored Tourmaline from Geogetown and have a close relationship with the new owners of the world famous Mount Mica tourmaline mine. Maine produces some of the best quality jewels in the world. Our collection of beautifully cut, vibrantly colored, native Maine gemstones numbers in the thousands and we offer all sizes and prices.

Expert Repair

Our repair services are extensive and competent. Our Jeweler is a fully-qualified goldsmith as well as a designer and we are confident in our claim to be able to fix virtually anything whether it is a family heirloom or simply a sentimental keepsake. And all of our repair is done at our store in our fully equipped studio.

Custom Jewelry Design

Do you have a notion in mind for a unique piece of jewelry? We can turn your idea into an affordable reality. Or just sit back, if you'd like, and let us design something special – only for you. At Creaser Jewelers, we have a comprehensive design studio and creation workshop. From full gemcutting capabilities to a complete metal casting facility, virtually anything is an option. Our Jeweler has both formal training and freestyle improvisational experience enabling us to design in practically every style from Victorian to Modern Contemporary and all work is done in-house. Traditional? Sentimental? Whimsical? No problem. Chances are if we can't do it, no one can.

Exotic Gemstones

At Creaser Jewelers, we take a particular pleasure in offering a large selection of excitingly different gemstone choices as well as traditional ones. We stock pink topaz, yellow beryl, spinel in all colors, sapphires in all colors, morganite, Tsavorite, Tangerine Garnet and yellow diamonds as well as Tanzanite, Rubies, Emeralds, Opals and white Diamonds. Our gemstone palette is one of the best in New England and we constantly strive to bring you an even greater selection. Of equal importance is our "no synthetics" policy. All of our gemstones are natural.

Meet the Jewelers

Creaser Jewelers was founded in 1999. Owners Dennis and Julie Creaser have turned their love of gemstones and jewelry into a thriving small business which specializes in Maine Gemstones (Maine Tourmaline, Maine Amethyst), Fine Jewelry and custom design. Dennis has dedicated over 20 years to gemcutting and jewelry design – and the pursuit of Maine gemstones. He facets and carves gems with one goal in mind: create the brightest, cleanest, most beautiful jewel possible. He designs jewelry to perfectly enhance, perfectly compliment a beautiful gemstone. Julie has over 12 years experience in business management and customer service and a lifetime of appreciation for fine jewelry. This combined with her knowledge of styles and trends, both current and traditional, guarantee their customers' satisfaction.