Maine Amethyst mineral specimen.

On July 4th, 1993, an incredible discovery was made on a small mountain in western Maine. America's second largest deposit of Amethyst was found on Deer Hill in Stow, Maine by three hobby miners who called themselves Intergalactic Mining. The initial pocket of purple crystals became known as the Fourth of July Amethyst Pocket and produced over 3000 pounds of specimens and gem material. This piece is part of that find.

This specimen has not been professionally cleaned and still has iron minerals on surfaces of some of the crystals. There several parallel growth planes. The crystals are mostly in pristine condition with the exception of a few of the outer crystals which are slightly damaged from falling off of the roof of the pocket. The color is light but very lovely.

This crystal was part of Dennis Creaser's personal collection.

Weight: 422.4g.
Dimensions: approximately 5.5"x4.25"1.5"

Awesome specimens like this are increasing rare and limited from this location. This mine is closed for collecting.

  • As Shown - $695.00

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