Museum grade 4th of July Maine Amethyst specimen from Deer Hill.

On July 4th, 1993, an incredible discovery was made on a small mountain in western Maine. America's second largest deposit of Amethyst was found on Deer Hill in Stow, Maine by three hobby miners who called themselves Intergalactic Mining. The initial pocket of purple crystals became known as the Fourth of July Amethyst Pocket and produced over 3000 pounds of specimens and gem material. Much of the amethyst was initially sold within the first few years to fund further mining at the small quarry. Each partner saved certain special specimens which went into their personal collections. As the years passed, even most of these crystals were sold. But one partner (Dennis Creaser) saved the very best of his specimens. Half of them went on public display in our small museum which is part of our jewelry store. The other half, perhaps ten or so specimens, was put into storage where it waited for almost thirty years for just the right time to be unwrapped, priced and finally offered for sale. That time is now.

These beautiful and historic 4th of July Amethyst crystals are the very finest available for sale. There is nothing like them anywhere. When they are gone, there will be no more. The mine is closed, it is likely depleted. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a museum grade specimen from this famous discovery. Don't wait!

This singular deep purple gem amethyst specimen was just too lovely to cut, although a large gemstone hides inside. It features the quintessential Fourth of July splotch of grape jelly purple surrounded by an overgrowth of lighter purple to colorless quartz which grew into a wonderful crystal, glowing with hue and character. Many times, I have unwrapped it and gazed into its depths, wondering how such a thing of beauty was ever formed and thanking the rock gods that it ended up in my possession. I hate to part with it, it has been a part of my collection for almost three decades but to keep it wrapped up in the dark is selfish and accomplishes nothing good. It is time for it to be cherished by someone else who will treasure it as much as I have.

It is part of a five crystal suite of similar Amethysts, I had an affinity for this type and size Amethyst crystal and so I collected these five specifically from the many specimens we recovered. They will all be offered for sale, this is the second out of five crystals.

Weight of this piece is 103.8 grams.
Length of this crystal is approximately 55mm.

  • As Shown - $1,975.00

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