Company Information

Creaser Jewelers was founded in spring of 1999 by myself, Dennis Creaser. Before this, the company (known as Intergalactic Mining Corp.) was operated out of my basement as a wholesale jewelry and Maine gemstone supplier to many of Maine's leading jewelry stores. In the winter of 1999, an opportunity to rent a Main Street store space in South Paris presented itself and I jumped at the chance. The building which now houses our store first served as a barn (our workshop is now located in what used to be a hayloft). It has also been a bottle redemption center and most recently the office of "Perfect Stitch Embroidery".

It had been my goal to open a Fine Jewelry store before 2000 and I was very pleased to have actually done it. I had been planning for it for several years, buying equipment and experimenting with floor plans. With the help of my friends and associates, we gutted the building back to the support beams and rebuilt it completely. It took several months of long days and back-breaking work to convert the dark, worn interior of a dusty ex-barn to a reasonably close approximation of my jewelry store vision, but we did it.

During my years as a gemstone wholesaler, I had visited virtually every jewelry store in the state. Every store it seemed, had something good to emulate. Using other successes as a template, I gradually assembled a collection of qualities which I felt would make my own store the perfect one.

In the end, my store was bright and cheerfully colored, neat and detailed. The jewelry displays were orderly and consistent and not cluttered. We used accents of oak and stained glass to provide a friendly and warm atmosphere. Eventually, we added a museum featuring Maine mineral specimens and some historical artifacts. And our jewelry was nothing less than the best possible quality- which leads us to the present.

Today, Creaser Jewelers is owned and operated by myself and my wife Julie. We have developed a list of company policies designed to insure that our store continue to be a model for successful Maine retailers.

It is our goal for our store to be a multi-generational, enduring, growing Maine company. We are convinced that the only way for this to happen is to be the store that people like the most, consistently and continually. Using our own experience as consumers as a guide, we believe that there are a number of factors which make a company a favorite and they include Service, Quality, Selection and Unexpected Pleasant Surprises.


Simply speaking, we don't want to be just your jeweler. We also want to be someone you can trust, someone you can depend on, someone you can confide in, someone you can feel comfortable with. We like doing business with people who always treat us like we are more than just customers and we assume that our customers feel the same way. You are special to us and we promise to treat you accordingly.


We have certain rules regarding the quality of our merchandise. Our jewelry must be well constructed and well designed. Gemstones must be properly faceted, proportioned and polished. Gemstones must also be as inclusion-free as possible. Our goal is to provide only the very best quality jewelry. How else will we be known for being the best?

A note regarding synthetics: I personally do not consider synthetic gemstones to be acceptable in my trade. If I were king, I would outlaw them. To me, they cheat, plain and simple. I believe that synthetics (aka "created", "man-made", "lab-grown") mislead the consumer and devaluate genuine gemstones. For this reason, we do not stock them. The same is true for gemstones which are color-enhanced by irradiation, dying or diffusion.


As consumers, Julie and I always find ourselves shopping at stores which offer the largest and most varied selection. Logically, one can expect to have a better chance finding what they are looking for if there are numerous similar items to choose from. We enjoy a large selection, we assume you do too. Therefore, we go to extreme measures to provide our customers with the largest possible selection of fine quality gemstone jewelry.

Unexpected Pleasant Surprises

One of my favorite aspects of the Jewelry trade is the incredible number of new and excitingly different gems that are always popping up at the trade shows we go to. We see the absolute coolest things and when possible, we buy them and bring them home so that our customers can be equally enthralled. But that isn't the only Unexpected Pleasant Surprise you can expect at our store. We try to put ourselves in our customers' shoes and imagine what would make them Unexpectedly Pleasantly Surprised. This past Christmas, we gave a free surprise gift, wrapped and mysterious, a perfect last minute stocking stuffer, with every purchase. We want our customers to come back often to see what Unexpected Pleasant Surprise is waiting for them with each visit.